Each office is independently own

Each office is independently owned and operated.


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New to the area or just looking for that perfect somebody for that certain thing you've been needing? We've compiled our list of our preferred vendors for just about anything you can think of! If you need someone, check them out!


Keller Mortgage, Jeremy Ellis 614-310-4657 jellis@kellermortgag.com

Highland Mortgage Company, David Krauss 479-283-7151

Hero Buffington, Gray Buffington 479-531-3750

Flat Branch Bank, Josh McBroom 417-312-3663 jmcbroom@fbhl.com

Cornerstone Home Lending, Chris Davis 479-841-9627

First National Bank, Jason Heddon 479-871-2211 jasonheddon@fnbnwa.com

Bear State Bank, DJ Wells 479-295-4629 djwells@bearstatebank.com

United Bank, AL Bernard 470-872-3909 al.bernard@unitedbk.com

Generations Bank, Joe Treece 479-340-6761

Pro Mortgage, Heather Foreman 918-440-7735 hforeman@promtgok.com


Farmers Insurance, Bill McCain 479-751-7070


Arkansas Insurance Advisors, Kyle Schnebelen 501-438-4075


G & G, Autin Bolt 479-802-0086 https://www.gg-insurance.com/

McGhee, Jayson Krisell 870-692-2945 https://mcgheeinsurancenwa.com/


ART, Amparo Amador 479-381-2064

Murray Painting, Wade Murray 479-903-1035

Lasun’s Painting 479-409-4668

Alberto Martinez 479-313-2822

Miguel 479-544-2830


Barbara Parsons 479-586-5119

Carpet Cleaning

Advanced Carpet Care & Janitorial Co. 479-621-6788 Advancedcarpetandjanitorial.com

Trim work

Danny Montez 479-601-1219

Jamie Brandes 479-927-5810 direct cell


Brent Leadbetter 479-903-2354

Amy Electrical Services 479-426-4740

Pittman Electric 479-586-4529


Charles Thomas 479-530-1956

Brads Plumbing 479-927-3686

Thomas Trahan Plumbing 479-544-5098

DPH Plumbing 479-220-3050

Brush Hog

Bud Locke 479-225-4543

Security System

Secure Us, Bruce 479-466-7222 https://secureusinc.com/

Cox Home Life https://www.cox.com/residential/homelife.html


Patterned Concrete, Cameron Goodwin 479-530-2227


Kerry Pitts 479-263-1301

Scotty Spearman 479-439-2120

Interior Design

Howse, Leon 479-856-9141 http://www.thehowse.com/


Steadfast Lighting 479-899-7883


Encore Flooring, Travis Walsh 479-387-7220 https://encoregroupusa.com/

Encore Flooring, Giselo 479-799-7533 Tom Heath 479-657-6211

Encore, Carpet 479-966-5177

Clean Up

Edwin Rodriguez 479-599-8274

Cleaning and Restoration

McMahons Chimney Sweep Services, Michael 479-414-2881


Metro Appliance, Gig 479-422-0048


TruGreen 479-202-4009 https://www.trugreen.com/

Fairway Homes 479-443-2221 https://fairwaylawns.com/

Grass Roots, Ken 479-287-8031 http://www.grassrootsnwa.com/

Levi’s LawnCare and Landscaping https://www.facebook.com/LevislawncareNWA/

Tree Service

Home Warranty

American Home Shield- Rebecca Collins, 501-690-3302, rebecca.collins@ahs.com


Robert 479-409-8287


Lynn McCutcheon 479-263-1695


Encore Windows & Doors 479-200-3722

Parsons Blind Company, Lisa 479-640-2717

Budget Blinds 479-756-0850


City of Rogers 479-621-1177 https://www.rogersar.gov/

City of Springdale 479-750-8154 http://www.springdalear.gov/

City of Fayetteville 479-575-8391, 479-444-4500 https://www.fayetteville-ar.gov/

City of Bentonville 479-271-3112 https://www.bentonvillear.com/


White River Home Inspections, Frank Putnam 479-301-0387 https://www.wrhomeinspections.com/

Covenant Home Inspections, David Linn 479-957-3056 https://www.covenantinspections.com/

Scout Home Inspections 479-571-0151

Home Tech, Mark Swaim 479-927-3392 http://www.arkansashometech.com/

JPM Inspections, Mitch Erwin 479-841-4501

In Depth, Leo Finch 479-236-6944

Pinnacle, Chris Brophy 479-422-7261 cbrophy@pinnaclehi.biz

Home to Basement, Phil Biggers 479-841-4810 Joe Jewell 479-876-6197

Covenant Inspections, Scott Walker 501-605-3603


Waco Title-479-770-6700 https://www.wacotitle.com/

City Title-479-935-4177 https://citytitlellc.com/

Realty Title, Terra Goss 479-582-9383 http://www.realtytitleinc.com/

Stewart Title Carla Marbut 479-268-7555 https://www.stewart.com/en.html


United Van Lines 877-740-3040

Atlas Van Lines 877-879-1591

Wheaton World Wide 844-296-2049

Winter Moving 479-273-9531 https://wintermoving.com/

Two Men and a Truck https://twomenandatruck.com/

NWA Move Crew, Gunnar Delay 479-466-7394 https://nwamovecrew.com/

RL Maxon Moving 479-442-8181

Mamas Little Movers 479-715-2185 Facebook

B2 Moving 479-636-0612

Legacy Transit Lines 479-871-1868 tammy@legacytransitlines.com , legacytransitlines.com ($250

discount for a full move, pack, load, move)


Pure Nature Pest 479-367-3141 http://purenaturepestcontrol.com/

Adams Pest Control 479-567-5160 https://www.adamspestcontrol.net/

Central Termite 479-899-6874 http://centraltermite.net/

Advance Pest Control, 479-756-3359 https://advancepestcontrolnwa.com/


Emerson Appraisals, Jennifer Emerson 479-409-5604

Hudson Appraisals, Charles Hudson 479-254-9980

Christmas Lights

Scotty Spearman 479-439-2120

House Cleaning

Sage House Cleaning 479-212-7469

Elite Home Services 479-249-8025

Window & Power Washing

Scotty Spearman 479-439-2120

Storage Unit

Arkansas Storage Unit 479-659-0333

Pool Contractors

Pool Care & Supply

HVAC Companies

Anderson Plumbing and Heating, Mike Anderson 479-751-6210

Comfort Control, Thomas Murie 479-841-0594

Shine Air 479-527-0404


Jm Roofing, Juan 479-366-6442

Glass Repair

Abram’s Glass 479-750-0042


Brads Plumbing, Luis 479-927-3686

Septic Maintenance

BBB Septic 479-225-9800

Solar Panels Instal & Repair

Shine Solar, Randy 501-628-6278 (Direct)


HOWSE NWA, Leon 479-657-6211

Mold Restoration

ARMARK Construction, Jeff Tyler 479-427-8097






Each office is independently owned and operated.

3801 Johnson Mill Blvd. Ste. C
Fayetteville, AR 72704
Let's talk!